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My Albums

Featured Album - My Cure

My Cure - 2017 (Release estimate August)

1. My Cure

2. Will I lose my first love twice? (Featuring Annette Bjergfeldt)

3. Fire Inside 

4. Sixth Sense (Featuring Maria Skanselid)

5. Fall For You 

6. I Miss You 

7. A later not to miss 

8. Halfway Up Our Mountain (Featuring Anna Eriksson Skarin)

9. Lullabye 

Coopers Lane - 2015

1. Society

2. Amsterdam (Featuring Eleanor Richards)

3. First Fires

4. Favourite Wicked Game (Featuring Eleanor Richards)

5. One Nerve

6. Say Something (Featuring Eleanor Richards)

7. Jesus Jesus

March Forward - 2011

1. Hey Ya!

2. Slide

3. Crosses

4. Give In To Me

5. The Professor

6. Boatman

7. Runaway 

When you download an an album or multiple songs you will get it as a .zip file and  will need a zip extractor program to open it.

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