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This is a blog I run to support my playlist on Spotify. In addition to being asked to listen to songs by Influencer websites and adding the ones I like to my Spotify playlists, I decided to create a collaborative playlist. Every few days I will listen to a handful of the songs submitted and the ones I like will be added to the appropriate 'Best of' genre playlist for the current month. I'll also try to contact you to let you know I've added you. 

I'm doing this as a way of giving musicians without a budget a chance to be promoted to the 35k Facebook followers and 1k+ Spotify followers I have.I want to give something back to my peers by helping promote the good.

Every month, I will choose my song of the month and write a review and I'll also highlight some other notable additions and review those too. I'll then promote this blog and the artists that I've highlighted on my facebook page to my followers and where possible I'll tag the artists so they know they've been reviewed

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